Login to the router is necessary

The router is a device and you need to know the login data for accessing the control section. There are different routers available in the market of different brands. You need to login procedure of your device. If you know how to login to the device with IP address, then you can easily login to the device in the similar way in most of the device. If you login to the device with application then you may face problem with other devices for login. Login to the router is necessary if you start Wi-Fi connection. You can easily setup Wi-Fi connection if you know how to login to the device.
You need to know the IP address of your device. If you use or buy a router of Linksys, then the device must IP address Then you have to know username and password for validation to the device control section. Some routers let you to access the control section by the application. But most of the device offer the IP address with username and password for login to the device. You will get those data in the router box or you can contact with manufacturer for getting correction information.
The IP address is very popular IP address. This is very unique IP address for router Linksys. You need this unique IP address for login to the router of Linksys. You can change the IP address after login to the control page. However, you need also secure the connection of the router and Wi-Fi and that is why you have to put hard password, encrypted security for the connection. You can change default login data from the control section. But you need to change the default IP address from the login section if you face IP confliction error. Otherwise, you do not need to change IP address.